Steinhausen Home Inspections



Other Types Of Inspections




Common Specialty Inspections Include:


·        Roof

·        Foundation

·        Air Quality and / or Odor

·        Water / Moisture Damage

·        Home Repairs and Remodeling

·        Contractor Dispute Resolution

·        House Warranty Review



Home Inspections are not just for home buyers.  I often do home inspections for existing homeowners who need consulting regarding repairs, remodeling, existing problems or just general information. 


I provide advice and review plans for home builders in an effort to make their future homes efficient and problem free.  All too often I am asked to inspect a brand new house that has problems that could have been prevented had there been an independent party review the plans.  


A home inspector is a good option if an independent opinion or “mediator” is needed between homeowners and contractors that may be in disagreement.  I have testified in civil court as an expert witness and I have been referred by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services regarding air quality issues based on my training and experience as a water, smoke and fire restoration contractor.


While I consider myself very knowledgeable on all aspects of a home, I refer more specialized inspections to the “experts”.  If you have specific concerns regarding mechanical systems (plumbing, electrical, HVAC), fireplace / chimney, wood destroying insects, etc., I would recommend you call a professional contractor that specializes in these fields.  They can provide a more qualified opinion, plus give an estimate if any repairs are required.


I do not provide hazardous materials / gasses testing, such as radon, lead, asbestos, mold or natural gas.  I do however inspect for indicators of such hazards and will advise accordingly.